Can you be too old or too young for some music?

In most cases I would be puzzled by this very question, let alone trying to answer it.  But every now and again, circumstances allow it to make sense.

Consider, for example, the very young contestants on regular TV talent shows, such as The X Factor (something which I used to watch but haven’t for some years now).  It was not uncommon for one of these aspiring hopefuls to come on and give us their rendition of Frank Sinatra’s My Way.  Now, in anyone’s book, this is surely a song for a person with a decent number of years and a few life experiences on the clock?

So let me enlighten you as to the reason I am blethering on about all of this.

The only thought in my head when I was listening to Ellie Goulding’s album Bright Lights (2010), was ‘I’m too old for this music’.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on why this might be.  I listened to the album again – same result.  There is nothing wrong with her singing; the music seems ok, if a bit lightweight.  Perhaps it felt a bit clubby (not that I have been in a club for a very long time, poor old thing)…?

And then by complete chance, when pursuing some other LT-related links (you know how much I love co-incidences!), I came across this link to an interview on the BBC’s Woman’s Hour programme with Ellie Goulding.  It includes her playing a charming acoustic version of one of the tracks on the album.  But it mainly covers her perspective on giving up University (with their encouragement) to become a singer because she could no longer juggle study, her part-time job in a clothes shop and song writing; and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, thereby being a role model for young girls.

Hmmm – all mighty fine, but methinks 45-next-month Mrs Tracks not exactly target audience…….


2 thoughts on “I know my place

  1. Too old or too young?? I think not Mrs Tracks!
    Even if one does not enjoy certain music, should you have a little Neice or Nephew it’s worth considering they may love music from Miss Goulding not least “Starry Eyes”, one of my little ones favs, in fact she may describe it as Awesome! Not to say that you should be subjected to Dappy or Tiny Tempah but if you have a desire to “get down wid da kids” then Ellie Goulding may be a good compromise.

    1. Hello Singer1701, I do take your point thank you – and feel that you have rather proved mine also – thanks for that too! I will keep in mind the need to have Miss Goulding’s music to hand should any little ones stray near or by. LT

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