Don’t you just love a nice happy coincidence?  There have been plenty turning up along the Project LT track list road already.  And at the beginning of the Es, we have a cracker.

The first album is Pure Spirit of Relaxation attributed by iTunes to an artist called ‘EAO’ (even though the three (long) tracks are each by separate artists).  The tracks are:

  • Enchanted garden of peace
  • Calming Eastern temple of clarity
  • Soothing sea of tranquility

And the next album on the list?  What is the only album that could possibly follow this one?  Anyone?

That’s right – Earth, Wind and Fire – the Ultimate Collection.  Isn’t that just so delicious?

OK, I hear you say, you’ll let me have my little indulgence.  But surely there are limited similarities in the music?  One album is 120 minutes of bird song, sounds from nature, and classic eastern tones, set to gently nuanced music expressly for the purpose of relaxing and/or meditating.  The other is a collection of hits by one of the most successful disco-funk bands in the world.

Well, indulge me just a bit further if you will.

What happens when you step foot on a disco dance floor to the sound of a classic track like Boogie Wonderland or Let’s Groove?  Are you thinking about the ironing?  NO!  Are you thinking about your e-mails?  NO!  Are you briefly transported to a beautiful glittering land all of your own, where you are in command all you survey?  YES!!!

I rest my case.


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