Some of you will know that Mr Tracks and I are well into our 2012 Edinburgh Fringe-Fest.  See this post and this one for the back story if you need to catch up.

In the last week or so, I have seen:

  • The Macbeth Project – A witty and creative musical performed by a group of very talented students from Erskine Stewart’s Melville Schools
  • Dr Faustus – Christopher Marlowe’s devilishly good yarn about the grass being greener performed by EGTG
  • Alan Davis:  Life’s A Pain – this well known comedian performing a very funny stand up routine
  • All The Things I Never Said – the Z Theater Company’s Fringe offering about how life might be different if only we said what was actually on our mind
  • Coalition – a wonderfully near-knuckle comedy about Britain’s fractured coalition Government in 2014
  • The Tempest – The Squeaky Door Production Company perfoming a captivating version of what can be, in my experience, one of the Bard’s more challenging plays
  • Nicholas Parsons’s Happy Hour – one of Britain’s National Treasures telling his very own brand of jokes and welcoming three guests – two of whom we will now be going to see in the coming week – more in due course
  • Simon Munnery with La Concepta – I won’t give any details about this, in case it spoils the fun for anyone else going to the ‘experience’, but I will say that visiting restaurants will never be the same again….
  • Ruskin Live! – Paul O’Keeffe delivering one of John Ruskin’s 1853 Edinburgh Lectures on JMW Turner
  • Molly Wobbly’s Tit Factory – “a titilating trip down Mammary Lane” – this musical comedy is one of this year’s must-see shows
  • Colours of Tango – a journey to Buenos Aires and through the history of Tango.  I absolutely love tango music and dance and I bought the group’s CD to add to my music collection once Project LT is finished.

It’s all been fabulously busy and entertaining.

By way of an interim reflection, and to add to my previous assessment of ‘Fringe essences’, I would say, as this list demonstrates, one gets a chance to experience everything along the cultural spectrum – sometimes on the same day.  It’s a bit like the British weather.

Mr Tracks and I have 30 or so more shows to see before the end of the Fringe in just over a week’s time.  It’s like our own personal Olympics and we are loving it.


2 thoughts on “Eau de Fringe II

  1. Hey. I’m so jealous of the Edinburg’s fringe festival. We have on in Washington, DC, where my wife, Laura Zam, has performed her plays. This summer we went to France and that coincided with the country’s biggest theatre festival in Avignon. The whole medieval town was turned over to it for 3 weeks and 1000 performances. Really awesome to be in such a place.

    1. Hi Kurt, great to hear from you, thanks. Yes we are very lucky to live here in Edinburgh for all sorts of reasons, with the Fringe being one of them. Since we moved here in early 2010, we have often said that we feel like we are permanently on holiday! Your trip to France sounds like it was fantastic. Avignon is a wonderful place at any time, but to be there for their festival must have been very special. LT

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