Now, I’m not one to let a bit of pedantry to get in the way of some good music, but we need to discuss a little discrepancy that has cropped up about today’s artist before we go any further.

I’m a big fan of Dido’s music.  I have the two mega-selling albums: No Angel (2001) and Life for Rent (2003).  Her Wikipedia page states that these albums are the second and fourth best selling albums in the UK of the 21st century.  However, by my reckoning, Wikipedia’s list of best-selling albums in the UK puts the albums at fourth and eighth respectively.

Actually, one must admit that it’s still pretty good to have sold so well.  And perhaps a bit unexpected that Dido is so high up the list?  Albeit possibly not that surprising when one actually thinks about her work.

Her haunting voice, no-nonsense lyrics, and heart-tearing music make for an irresistable combination.

Favourite tracks?  I absolutely love Don’t Think of Me – a fabulously velvety glove covering an iron fist.  Hunter is a great example of those straight-talking lyrics.  And for a funky fix, have a listen to Sand In My Shoes.

And everyone surely knows the gorgeously sumptious Here With Me, if only from the wonderful film Love Actually (2003).

So with all these treasures, who cares about sales lists?  In fact, I’m sorry I mentioned it.

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