Another Scottish band;

Another 1989 album.


Readers of yesterday’s post will perhaps agree with me that it is an interesting coincidence to have together in my iPhone listings two bands beginning with D, both from Scotland, with their main albums having been released in 1989. Today’s is, of course, del Amitri with Waking Hours.

With respect to Dougie and his pals, I think of the two, I prefer del Amitri’s work. It has just that bit more depth, a more sophisticated sound while still retaining the freshness of an indie band. Plus a twang of country and/or folk thrown in which makes for a very engaging and entertaining listen.

I particularly like the laid-back feel of This Side of the Morning. And the easy vibe of Hatful of Rain. At risk of presenting a cliche, though, my favourite is the well-known and classic Nothing Ever Happens. It’s beautifully put together and performed. With a great accordion line that Mr Tracks would approve of too. Fab.

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