Mr Tracks and I moved to Edinburgh from London 2.5 years ago. There are a surprisingly high number of differences between living in Scotland and England: free prescriptions; a different legal system; deep fried mars bars; Scottish Members of Parliament as well as National ones…. You get the picture. And one more thing – BBC Scotland programmes are far superior to any other local programmes I have ever watched.

I mention this latter point because we have become quite a fan of the dashing Dougie Vipond, presenter of BBC Scotland’s rural affairs programme Landward, as well as many other sporting and outdoor programmes.

Little did I know before I came to write today’s post that Dougie clearly has wider talents, being as he is one of the founding members of and drummer for the Scottish rock/pop band Deacon Blue.

There’s a thing.

I have DB’s album When the World Knows Your Name (1989). Can it really be 23 years since this was released? Where has all that time gone? And the music still seems so fresh. Before putting it on, I was rather expecting it to be dated, but no. It remains very engaging. Real Gone Kid, their main hit from the album the first time round remains my favourite track, but the others hold up really well too.

So fair play to Dougie and the rest of the gang for having staying power in more ways than one.


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