Today’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe events (see my previous Fringe post if you need to catch up) have been for me, the very essence of everything which the Fringe has to offer:

  • the most fabulous quality performances
  • creative arts at their best
  • the opportunity to see things you would never normally see
  • trudging cheerfully around Edinburgh in the pouring rain between events and not minding
  • being approached by strangers with flyers for their shows and not minding
  • having to restrain one’s OCD tendencies when queueing systems are not quite as slick as one might like


We have seen today:

  • the comedian Mitch Benn – famous for witty topical songs, and wry commentary on life in general.  His show was very funny, and also a bit poignant in places.  He finished off with a rendition of his ‘Proud of the BBC Song‘ – go buy it if you haven’t yet; the BBC needs all the help and support it can get
  • China Red – the Beijing Students Golden Sail Art Troupe – a wonderfully energetic group of 9-16 year old dancers and musicians from China displaying their vibrant and specatular talents.  What a fabulous spectacle
  • Bossa Novas & More – Rozina Patkai on vocals accompanied by the amazing Matyas Toth on guitar.  This very talented young couple entertained us royally with latin and swing numbers.

Just breath in all that creativity and passion.  What better way to spend a rainy Sunday?!


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