A few posts ago, I reviewed an album that was aimed at providing music for the purposes of ‘chilling out’.  That was someone else’s choice about what makes the right music to relax to.

Here’s an example of something I would choose:  Damien Rice’s two albums O (2002)and 9 (2006).  

Rice is an Irish singer-songwriter.  The music on these two albums is smoothly indie folk-pop-ish.  This description, however, does not do it justice.

Across the two sets of tracks, we get everything from beautifully delicate ballads, to massive sweeping anthems.  Structured principally around a guitar base, the music also includes piano and cello in different combinations, with variety ranging from a single instrument on some tracks, to a full set on others.  The production has depth and is expertly balanced.  Rice’s lyrics are thoughtful and interesting, performed by him with emotion and passion, accompanied by a voacalist with a beautiful voice, Lisa Hannigan.

Both albums for me are modern creativity at its best.  This is so very far from conveyor-belt pop music.  It is the most fabulous example of people prepared to make their own music in their own way – now that is a comfort.


4 thoughts on “Comfort Music

  1. The first 5 tracks on O make the most amazing opening to an album. What impresses me is how he expresses the tiniest nuances in his performances so well. He’s done a couple of In The Basement live sessions which are very, very subtle too. I’ll always associate Blower’s Daughter with the film Closer which made a big and lasting impression on me. Have you seen it?

    1. Hi Colin, thank you so much for another great comment. I have listened again to The Blewers Daughter – it is indeed very special and moving. I watched Closer when it first came out but it seems a long time ago now. I will definitely give it another watch with this new perspective. LT

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