And now, as they say, for something completely different….

I think it is fair to say that we have not yet come across any hard core rock music – until now.  And so I present for your delight and delictation The Cult, with their album Pure Cult:  The Singles 1984-1995 (2000).

I bought this for a nostalgic revival of She Sells Sanctuary, a track which I used to play over and over again when I was in the sixth form.  Can there be any better song to get down and dirty to?

These days, I find that this sort of music is just great for doing the ironing to.  How times have changed!!!  (I should say, before I prompt a comment, that Mr Tracks frequently does the ironing in our house, for which I am truly grateful.  He usually listens to Pasty Cline, for the record.)

But seriously, when you have something to do which is not particularly inspiring, just try putting on some great music, turn the volume up, and get moving.  The job in hand will pass by in no time, and you will have had a whale of a time.

Rock music has its other uses, such as drowning out extraneous noise from fellow passengers on trains.  Of course, it is important to make sure you have headphones which do not leak sound, otherwise you will feel the daggers from said fellow passengers in the back of your neck for inadvertently sharing your music with them!

It is a very long time since I last played this album and I have really enjoyed reviving it for Project LT.  Like all genuine rock music, you cannot play it softly for it to be at its best, so it is not music for all occasions.  But when the time is right, hell it’s good.

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