I can remember vividly the tag line for the advert promoting Recurring Dream:  The Very Best of Crowded House (1996):

‘You know more songs by Crowded House than you think’

And when the advert scrolled through them, this was indeed true – Weather With You, Into Temptation, Pineapple Head, Private Universe – and so it went on.  Amazing.  How had this happened?  These were all tracks which I did not know I knew.  So I felt compelled to get the album.

Oh, I suppose it is important to say that I did actually like the tracks too.  I was not totally brainwashed by the magic of TV.  Duh.

Listening to the album again, I find myself in the same situation.  Faced with tracks whose names I do not recognise, but when I hear them, I instantly know within the space of the first few beats.  Very strange.  Handily, I still like them.  Crowded House has the sort of raw, mellow, rich rock/pop sound that I am partial to in a modern band.

And it turns out that I have another, more recent album of their’s too – Time on Earth (2007).  Now, I really have absolutely no idea how I came to own this one.  But it turns out to be rather good.  An excellent LeapingTracks find!  In the words of a BBC review captured on Amazon, it is “an older, wiser, weathered Crowded House, but still as perfect at their craft as ever”.  I could not have put it better.

So how ever I might have ended up getting this one, it has proved to be a bit of a result.  Whether this was by luck or judgement, who knows?  I could joke about the embedded microchip working well that day, but that might make me sound a bit mad.  (Or it might give the game away….)

2 thoughts on “Mind Games

  1. My time with the Finns goes back to the mid 70s when I came across a band the like of which I’d never heard before or since, Spit Enz. I then followed Tim Finn’s solo career and then Crowded House.
    For me the brothers are usually at their best when they collaborate so Woodface is CH’s finest hour in my opinion. I was lucky enough to see them live twice, and very good they were, and I saw Tim Finn live in a few incarnations too. May I recommend the albums they did together under the Finn title. Full of stripped down arrangements and top quality songwriting they’re amongst my all time favourites.

    1. Hi Colin, thanks very much for the recommendation – sounds really interesting. I will add the Finn Brothers to my blog wish list for checking out once I have finished Project LT. As you may know, I have committed to not buying any new music before then! LT

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