In Britain, there is one iconic product which is synonymous with the concept of either loving or hating something:

Is this known about in other countries?  I know that Vegemite is the Australian equivalent.  Does it inspire the same extreme views?

My impression of today’s band, Coldplay, is that it is a kind of Marmite band.

Either you are totally in to them, or you want to smash Chris Martin in the face.

Happily, I am in the former category – particularly as I have managed to collect three of their albums, plus a special edition iTunes festival thingy (I think this was one of iTunes’ free giveaways last Christmas).  So, I have:

Now, I am willing to accept that most of the music sounds sort of the same (I hope that is not heretical).  But if you like Coldplay’s general vibe, then it seems to me that this is not really a problem.  I like the quality scoring, production and musicality.  And I don’t even mind Chris’s voice.

It’s not going to be the music you put on in the gym and need power help.  Some of the tracks are mega-anthems, but for me this is mostly music to have on when you want to be quiet and read a book.  Perhaps accompanied by some nice tea and toast (with or without Marmite).

Picture courtesy of WikiMedia Commons

2 thoughts on “Marmite

  1. I’m sort of inbetween. I also seem to have acquired a few albums and their songs seep into the collective consciousness.Their song structures are a little repetitive but they certainly know how to build an arrangement. I picked up cheap tickets to see them a few years ago and it was exactly what I expected, only a bit better and very well executed. I’d never call myself a huge fan but they know their strengths and do what they do very, very well.

    1. Hi Colin, thanks very much for this – so interesting to hear what you think. Totally agree with your ‘collective consciousness’ point – I am sure that is how I have come to have three of their albums without actively being a fan. LT

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