Remember that song ‘A Sailor went to sea, sea, sea…’?  I used to sing that all the time as a child.

Anyway, Project LT has reached the end of the Bs.

For any newcomers to my blog, a brief recap of my modus operandi – I have chosen to work my way through the music on my iPhone in artist order. This is throwing up some interesting listings – I did have one track in the Bs under ‘Bryan Ferry’, but it is duplicated under R for Roxy Music, which seems a more sensible place for it, so it can wait for now.

Before we hurtle headlong into the Cs, I would just like to take a moment to reflect on how wonderful this experience is turning out to be on various fronts.

Things I sort of expected:

  1. Re-discovering the music I already knew I had – tick
  2. Coming across music I had forgotten I had, or didn’t even realise I had – tick
  3. Being reminded of the joys of listening to different sorts of music – tick

And the one thing I had no idea would be so fabulous?

Connecting with people reading my posts.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much to all you folks out there who have been reading this blog.  To those of you who have given me a ‘like’, made a comment and/or who are following the blog, may I say how much I truly appreciate you taking the trouble to do so. And for everyone else too, I just cannot tell you how great it feels to be connecting with new virtual friends all around the world.

I also love the reciprocal nature of all of this – many of those new virtual friends have their own amazing blogs which I am now following. I have managed to work out how to show these blogs on my own site (another step in my own blogging development!).  No doubt I will find many more wonderful treasures along the way.

So, overall, I’m having great fun with all of this. I hope you folks are too and I highly recommend it.

See you in the Cs!


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