Many years ago, Mr Tracks and I visited one of London’s secret treasures – the roof gardens in Kensington. High above unsuspecting shoppers and tourists, these magificent gardens flourish, with beautiful trees, shrubs, flowers, fountains and one further surprise for visitors – flamingos.

You can read more about the gardens at their website here. Click on the gallery link for pictures of their full splendour including a couple of shots of the resident pink guys.

Another Flamingo to enter my life this week has been the album (2010) by Brandon Flowers. A classic LeapingTracks special this – I can vaguely remember downloading it in recent times (not quite sure of the trigger), but there ended my interaction with it until now. So a brand new listening experience awaited me.

It turns out to be OK. Flowers is apparently better known for his membership of the band The Killers, but here he is going solo. It’s a mixture of rock, country and pop. Slick production, strong vocals. What’s not to like, really.

Mind you, I’m not sure that this music would be particularly memorable, had it not now become linked in my mind with the very enduring images of our experience walking around the gardens. They say, don’t they, that the best way to remember things is to make links with pictures. Whether Mr Flowers had it in mind for his listeners to imagine him being backed on bass and lead guitar by very accomplished flamingos, I’m not sure. But hey, at least I’m playing the album – that’s progress as far as I’m concerned.


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