Someone said to me recently that the definition of a Scottish summer is ‘one fine day in July’.  Well, it turns out that we have had two fine days in a row this weekend.  So in honour of this extraordinary event, I wanted to share with you all a couple of the lovely things which Mr Tracks and I did today in this wonderful city of Edinburgh.

We were woken early by glorious sunshine and decided to head for the coast.  Before we moved north from London a couple of years ago, I did not realise how close Edinburgh is to the Firth of Forth.  In fact we can see the coastline and the hills of Fife beyond from our city-centre appartment.  Fabulous!

By 8.30am BST, we were already walking along the promendade at Cramond, enjoying this beautiful seascape.

The Firth of Forth estuary at low tide

We love birdwatching.  Here is a picture of Mr Tracks in action, with Cramond Island in the background.

Taking pictures of birds on the Firth of Forth Estuary

Mr Tracks is taking pictures of one of my favourite birds – oystercatchers, of which there are many in this area – hooray!

A beautiful oystercatcher – this one happens to be an Orkney resident

Once we had finished our walk, we caught the bus back into the centre of Edinburgh for the next part of our day out.  We had promised ourselves an early visit to the new art exhibition which has just opened at the National Galleries of Scotland – Van Gogh to Kandinsky:  Symbolist Landscape in Europe 1880-1910.

The Galleries put on a major summer exhibition every year as part of Edinburgh’s summer of cultural festivals.  I’ll be posting more about our attendance at all sorts of events in the coming weeks.

But back to the exhibition.  Wow.  Breathtaking.  I walked round with a lump in my throat and my heart pounding.  Every single work was a revelation.  Lovely to see some old favourites – by Monet, Whistler, Millais, and one of my all time desert-island paintings: Lake Keitele by Akseli Gallen-Kallela.  What a treat.

And then, so many new treasures to discover by artists I had never heard of, from all across Europe.  Wonderful.

Musicians are not the only people who create music.

3 thoughts on “It’s not just music that puts a song in my heart…

  1. The exhibitions sounds absolutely wonderful! And the shot of the beach are great. It’s a gift to be able to make everyday experiences those of a lifetime. 😉

    1. Hello Mulberrywhine, thanks so much for your comments – really appreciate them. Isn’t it great to be able to enjoy such beauty all around. Look forward to hearing from you again some time. With all good wishes LT

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