What a day I have had today. Doing many of my favourite things. Enjoying Edinburgh in the sunshine with Mr Tracks. Indulging in High Tea en plein air – making the most of a lovely window of warm weather opportunity. Working on some new knitting projects with beautiful hand-dyed yarns.

And in between all of this, listening to the various works I have on my iPhone by Johannes Brahms.

Oh my goodness. Could there ever have been a more sublime combination of past-times to while away a Saturday?

I do not have a vast quantity of his repertoire. But I do have a wide selection of different types of music – Hungarian Dances (of course), Symphony No 4 (Of Course!!), his Violin Concerto (duh!!!), his Double Concerto for violin and cello, and some exquisite chamber music – a Piano Trio in C minor (high five for that key, Brahms), and a couple of Clarinet Sonatas (in F minor, Op 120/1 and E Flat, Op 120/2).

How interesting it has been listening to all this music together. There is such passion, flare, beauty and emotion in all of it, regardless of whether you are listening to the grand sweep of the symphony or the intimate sonata. When the violin first comes in during the concerto, your heart is in your mouth. You are holding your breath so as not to miss a moment. In the double concerto, you sink into the depth of the velvety cello. And then you are transported to Eastern Europe for a rollercoaster ride of everything from cheekiness to sorrow within the hungarian dances. The personalities of the dancers themselves leap out through the headphones.

Aren’t we lucky to be able to listen to such treasures.


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