That’s the first word in my mind listening to today’s offering – The Cold Still (2011) by The Boxer Rebellion.

Other words are powerful, driving, windswept.  This music reminds me of a Scottish landscape.  Despite the band being from London.

Isn’t it great to have access to different types of music for all occasions.  Sometimes, you want a Beethoven blanket.  Other times, you want the wind in your hair.  That’s what you get with TBR.

All the tracks are different.  Highs and lows.  Louds and softs.  And yet, when you get to the end of the album it feels like you have been listening to one long piece of music.  How skilful to produce a set which blends so beautifully.  Like that landscape – full of individual interest, but a single sweep in the end.

I’ll be getting their other albums Exits and Union when Project LJ is finished – more to add to the wish list.  But The Cold Still has a far horizon and plenty in between for now.


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