I don’t know very much about jazz.  However, I have a few bits and bobs on my iPhone, the first of which is a classic – Bill Evans ‘s album Everybody Digs Bill Evans (1958).

Evans was an American jazz pianist.  This album was his second.  Shortly after its recording, he joined the renowned Miles Davis sextet, playing alongside the likes of other jazz greats-in-the-making, such as John Coltrane on another legendary recording Kind of Blue.  This encouraged Evans to set up his on his own, and he went on to form various small groups.  You can read more about Evans’s background here.

Evans is accompanied on this album by Philly Joe Jones on drums and Sam Jones on Double Bass.  They both pretty much stay in the background and let Evans take hog all the limelight.  That’s fine with me – you know how much I like piano music.  And there is a great mix of faster and more meditative tracks.  Some are recognisable works – Night and Day and Tenderly in particular.  Most of the rest were unfamiliar melodies, but that did not matter; the whole thing is a great set and exactly the sort of jazz that appeals to me.

Having said this, I am acutely aware that I gravitate towards what I already know I like (a nod to a great title by Vincent Price for his autobiography on collecting art, by the way).  I would like to broaden my jazz knowledge – something to work on when I have finished Project LT.  Let me know if you have any suggestions for next steps please.


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