Next up in the Bs on my iPhone is, wait for it, The Best Album Tracks Ever (2005). This is, of course, a compilation of tracks from various artists. So I guess iTunes had a bit of a challenge deciding where to put it list-wise. Even more bizarre is the the fact that this album has three volumes, but I have only the third on my iPhone – go figure.

And as for the tracks themselves? Well, one person’s classic is another’s cliche, is it not? I found it a bit boring to be listening once again to the likes of The Verve’s Bitter Sweet Symphony and Oasis’s Champagne Supernova. It’s not that they are necessarily bad songs. But, a bit like Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, they’ve been played so much, in so many contexts, it’s hard to hear them just for themselves any more.

With this in mind it was interesting to read the reviews of this album on Amazon – some people were concerned that the whole thing was a fraud. It includes tracks which were released as singles and they felt this breached the premise offered by the album’s title. Caveat emptor applies here as anywhere. And this was not a problem for me when I purchased the album originally – feels like several thousand years ago now.

What I have been discovering is that you can grow out of some music, or find that your tastes change, whereas other stuff stays with you. I had not noticed that before. Most of the tracks on this album seem dated to me, with one exception – Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells, but we’ll get to more of that later. And yet when I was listening to the ABBA music at the start of Project LT, it was so fresh and enjoyable. Fascinating.

So I think this another one for the fillet knife. It will leave more room for particle-hunting.


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