Readers familiar with the popular BBC Radio 4 programme, I’m Sorry, I Haven’t A Clue will, I hope, understand the title reference when I say that this post is another slightly random iPhone turn up. For anyone who has not come across this programme, I recommend you track it down – it is very amusing.

So, we now come to Benjamin Grosvenor playing Chopin, Listz and Ravel (see what I mean?).

Grosvenor is a UK pianist, who won the BBC Young Musician of the Year competition in 2004. I saw this album reviewed somewhere on its release last year and thought it sounded nice, so downloaded it. Contrary to my usual habit, I have actually listened to it quite a few times and, on its replay for this post, am pleased to have my recollection confirmed that it is a wonderful collection of beautifully performed solo piano works.

We have here three of the most significant composers of music for the piano – particularly the kind of short virtuoso pieces on this album. Nocturnes and scherzos tumble expertly out of the speakers. Most enjoyable.

No help if you are trying to navigate around London, of course, but at least it would help to keep the blood pressure down when you got lost.


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