It seems to have been a run of highs and lows recently along the path of my musical journey – extremes, if you will.  Even the weather has played its part.

So perhaps it was about time that I should get to something more, ahem, middle of the road.  I give you, dear readers, the Bee Gees.

I have two of their albums:  Greatest Hits (2001) and Number Ones (2011).  As this reveals, I am not exactly a genuine fan, collecting original albums, but I thought I liked their mainstream singles.

Well, having listened to this lot again, I can’t say that I don’t like them.  Some in particular bring back amusing memories of learning disco moves in our lovely neighbour’s front room in the early eighties.  Picture the scene – most of the street cramed into a small-ish room in a modest semi, all lined up while Diane took charge and tried to teach us to emulate John Travolta in Staying Alive (1983).  It was pretty hilarious.

Other tracks have fringe benefits.  You should be dancing, for example, has the perfect beat for striding out on a ‘power walk’.  It is now in my fitness playlist for this very reason, as is Tragedy.  I was also hoping to include Staying Alive, so that I could incorporate the Tony Manero swagger into my fitness regime, but the beat is just too slow, unfortunately (or possibly fortunately, if I am to retain any shred of street cred while out exercising).

But other than this, the music feesl a bit dated.  We must acknowledge, I feel, the group’s massive success.  And their major contribution behind the scenes on the song-writing front.  Is this getting a bit patronising?  I had better stop.  I think you get the picture.

There’s no harm in ‘easy-listening’ – we’ve already established that elsewhere in this blog.  Taking the fork is fine!  (Thanks to ‘Yogi’ Berra for the title quote, by the way).  In this case, however, I’m very happy to move along and find somewhere a bit further off the beaten track.


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