…awesome, amazing, amusing, adventure.  These are the sorts of words which spring to my mind when I reflect on how I am feeling about my LeapingTracks project.

I have so far listened to 167 tracks, lasting 11.8 hours (credit to iTunes for helping me work out the stats!).  None of the music I have heard is material which I was routinely listening to before I started this exercise.  I am delighted to have engaged with it all once again (or even for the first time in some cases).  And I’ll be looking forward to regular contact with most of it in the future.

I have also learned how to set up a blog, make posts and enhance the site bit by bit.  16 days ago, I had no idea how to do this.  Admittedly, I am using a very clever supported site with templates etc.  And given that it is free, it is only fair to give the good folks at WordPress a high five at this point – go guys!  (NB:  I do not work for WordPress!)

Anyway, I gave advance notice of interactivity in my last post and this is where you dear readers come in.

As I say, I am new to this blogging lark, and would love to hear what you think of it so far.  Let me know your views about the music already covered. Have a guess at what might be coming up.  Tell me what you are listening to and perhaps make some recommendations for my ‘wish list’.  Why not get involved?

Coming up are some totally awesome Bs.  Lead by the master B, and plenty of it. My ears are going to be floating.


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