I have my darling Mr Tracks to thank for our next offering – Lost In Paradise (2002) by the Iranian-Armenian flamenco guitarist and composer, Armik.  In days gone by when we used to buy CDs and even, shock horror, vinyl, Mr Tracks liked to browse in music shops (didn’t we all).  He would occasionally be struck by the music playing in the shop and, daringly throwing caution to the wind, make a spur of the moment purchase.  Our music collection is much the richer for it.

Armik has been a prolific releaser of albums since this one, as can be seen from the discography on his website.  Why not pop over for a minute and try a few of the samples of his wonderful guitar music?  I can wait…

OK, so you now get the idea.  We have passionate, virtuouso flamenco-style playing, mixed with latin-jazz rhythms.  What’s not to like?  A fabulous set to put on in pretty much any context, I would say.  NB:  my sense is that this would not be to the taste of hard-core flamenco aficionados.  I have watched the film Strictly Ballroom (1992) many, many times and I feel this qualifies me to say that those born and bred into the Spanish tradition might not welcome Armik’s relatively ‘laid-back’ approach to the genre.  However, with this warning at hand, if you fancy venturing into Armik’s paradise world yourself, I can reassure you that you will be sufficiently chilled to deal beautifully and serenely with any unexpected flare-ups from passing objectors.


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