Some time ago, I stopped forcing myself to finish books which I was not enjoying.  There are so many things in the world which I do want to read.  There’s not a moment to lose on stuff which does not float my boat, as it were.  It turns out that Anastacia has helped me come to the same conclusion in relation to music with her 2001 album Freak of Nature.

The opening of the first track on this album has always put me off listening to any more of it.  ‘I’m a freak’ growls Anastacia, sounding for all the world like an up to date Tina Turner backed by some kind of heavy base-loaded R&B-type funk accompaniment.  Not really my thing at all.

Being a dliligent sort, I stick with it this time in the spirit of the LT project.  And what’s this? The second track turns out to be one I recognise.  I think ‘Paid My Dues’ may have been released as a single?  Quite palatable after all.  And the third track, ‘Overdue Goodbye’ is positively enjoyable – really interesting rhythms, nice harmonies and not too much screechy singing.   Next is a sweepingly symphonic ballad.  And these four pretty much set the scene for the rest of the album.

My favourite song is ‘How Come The World Won’t Stop’ – Anastacia sings this with her considerable ‘proper’ voice, rather than her ‘Tina Turner growly’ voice.  It also has a lovely solo guitar line (which I am a sucker for).

But in general, I have been thinking hard about when I might play this album again in the future.  If I compare it even with only the music I have so far written about on this blog, it would not be my first choice.  And if I think about it measuring up against things I which I know are to come?  No contest.  I suspect the couple of outings which this album has had over the last couple of days for this post may well be it’s last.  Sad? Not as far as I’m concerned.  It’s a welcome first fillet of my vast and unwieldy collection.


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