From the very first evocative opening notes on the opening track on Admiral Fallow’s Boots Met My Face(2011), I want to pay attention to this album.  I’m definitely not going to be putting it on as background music.  Immediately as the first track finishes, we’re into the second – the wonderfully named ‘Squealing Pigs’ and the reason I bought the album in the first place.  The band performed this song on Scottish TV’s 2011/12 Hogmanay programme and I downloaded the whole album straight away.  Of course, in true pre-LeapingTracks style, I then promptly did not play it and it has been my loss until now.

I found that I needed and wanted to listen to this album twice before writing this post. There’s so much richness and depth to the music.  All the tracks are really interesting – very listen-able to and melodic with very high quality musicianship and vocals.  I particularly like the many contrasts between individual piano/guitar lines and seamless moves into thickly scored rock sections. Favourite track?  Hmm, I think ‘Four Bulbs’ is my favourite slower one – I really like the guitar line here. ‘Taste the Coast’ possibly wins overall with its lively pace and unusual ending, but it’s hard to pick.

Admiral Fallow are described by one recent reviewer as a ‘Scottish folk-indie troupe’ and additional tags which the band have on their own website are ‘rock’, ‘pop’, ‘alternative’ and ‘Glasgow’.  I think this just about covers it and you can hear samples of their work, including this album, on the band’s Bandcamp site – I really recommend their work.

If you visit their main site, you will see that they have a new album out – Tree Bursts In Snow.  If I had not been working within the ‘No New Music’ constraints of my LeapingTracks project, I would have bought this by now.  It will have to go on my wish list for the moment.  I also see that they have a gig in Glasgow in December – I’ll be skipping along to that if there are still tickets.  I’ll post a review about it in due course!

But for now, I’m pleased now to be in a position not just to own Boots Met My Face, but to have really listened to it properly.  AF have a new fan.


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