Oh my goodness – ABBA intros.  Despite not having listened to these songs for years, they are instantly recognisable from the very first beat.  Do you remember that TV programme ‘Name That Tune’?  I would win hands down with ABBA intros, especially some of these next tracks:

  • S.O.S – “so when you’re near me, darling, can’t you hear me?”
  • Mamma Mia – “just one look and I can hear a bell ring, one more look and I forget everything”
  • Fernando – “there was something in the air that night”
  • Dancing Queen – “feel the beat from the tambourine”
  • That’s me – “I’m Carrie, not the kind of girl you’d marry”
  • When I kissed the teacher – “I wanna hug, hug, hug him”
  • Money, Money, Money – “In my dreams, I have a plan, if I got me a wealthy man…”
  • Crazy World – “never leave me girl”

I can’t believe how much I still like most of these songs.  I expected to find them really cheesey.  But quite the contrary, they are so classy.  I could listen to them over and over again, just like I did in my bedroom over 30 years ago.

Talking of which, in a previous post, I mentioned being confused by the words in Hasta Manana.  Mamma Mia is another one which caused me problems – I could not understand when I was eight why the singer’s mother was creating so many difficulties for her…!

Some of these tracks are from ABBA’s album Arrival (1977), which has on its cover the band sitting in a helicopter in their white jumpsuits looking SO COOL.  On the inside sleeve, they have got out of the helicopter and they are all leaning nonchalantly against the helicopter.  EVEN COOLER!  I can well remember the poster I had of this on my wall and how much I longed for one of those jumpsuits.

The final track in this post is not so familiar to me – it was the B-side to Money, Money, Money and has Bjorn (I think) singing a bit pathetically about losing his girl. He needs to stick to the song-writing – the other tracks are the stuff of life.

Indeed, I had forgetten how great it feels to have a good old dance about to a fabulous pop track. Mr Tracks is very amused that he keeps finding his be-headphoned wife jigging around our apartment. We’ve been known to do a mean Cha Cha Cha together, so who knows where things might lead.

I am very pleased to have re-connected with ABBA again.  My embryonic ‘top rated tracks’ selection is growing nicely.  And even though I have plenty of other ABBA tracks to get through, I have decided to wrap them up into one final ABBA post after this, so that we can start getting on to other things. Come back then for the ABBA finale, and a fitting story to go with it….


2 thoughts on ““You can dance!” – oh yes, I’m dancing…

  1. Jumpsuits!!! i seem to remember my Sister and I had jumpsuits similar to those from Charlies Angels!!!
    Dancing Queen. One of THE greatest floor fillers of ALL TIME

    1. Hi Arch, thank you very much for your comment. You and your sister must have looked fabulous in your Charlies Angels Jumpsuits. And yes, Dancing Queen – what more needs to be said? LT

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