At the end of my last post, I was feeling the need for more ABBA pazzaz to keep me going on my musical journey.  Well, I didn’t need to look very hard in the end…..

“My, my, at Waterloo, Napoleon did surrender” and so, it seemed to me at least (I was seven, remember), did the rest of the world bow down to ABBA greatness when they won the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest with Waterloo – “the history book on the shelf is always repeating itself”.  It marked the start of their international career.

It seems therefore only fitting to award this track the honour of being the first to have its very own post.  So early on in my journey – how exciting!

I once read that Benny and/or Bjorn recorded double instrument tracks – particularly piano lines – and set them very fractionally apart when finalising the edit of a record. This gives their music such a distinctive sound – something so very evident on this iconic track. Not just ABBA iconic, but pop iconic.

And a no brainer for my top rated tracks selection.  Despite having had ‘iEquipment’ for ages, I found out only recently about the benefits of ‘top rating’ one’s own tracks.  I previously could not understand what the point was – after all, if you own some music, don’t you think it is good?  But my cool and trendy relatives explained patiently how top rated tracks go into a special play list which form a groovy ‘mix tape’ selection all of their own.  As I am reminding myself, not all music is created equal, so this facility is rather handy.

Listening to it again, I think ABBA would win Eurovision with this song even now.  You can google their performance at Eurovision – it’s really worth a look. The track itself has everything – great melody, witty and imaginative lyrics, quality performance, fantastic beat. I accept that these criteria are not necessarily ones which guarantee a Eurovision win these days – indeed, did they ever?

But in this case, we have Official Pop Perfection.

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