I love music. That’s the best place to start. Not all music – we’ll get to that later. But a very wide mix. And as at 5 June 2012, I have 5478 songs on my iPhone. iTunes tells me this equates to 17.1 days of non-stop listening.

By anyone’s estimation, this is a lot of music.  The trouble is, I don’t listen to much of it. Perhaps a small handful of well worn tracks. Some of it I have bought and never listened to. How can this be? Do I randomly buy music that I don’t intend to play? No, of course not. It’s just that I have so much music, and have got out of the habit of listening. And/or have got lazy with my listening. Even though I love listening to music when I do do it – so much so, that I find it hard to have music as a background to other tasks (I stop what I am doing to tune in). I enjoy finding new music. And getting copies of old favourites – I downloaded both Mozart’s Requiem and the new Keane album the other day. But the downloads seep into the depths of my vast collection of tracks and I forget what I have bought. My mind moves on to the next thing. Or even nothing – I forget to listen to music at all sometimes.

So I have set myself a challenge: to listen to everything on my iPhone before I allow myself to download anything else.  Yes, every single track, artist by artist, track by track, for as long as it takes.

No.  More.  New.  Music.

Of course, I am fully expecting to come across some new music during this project because of all the stuff I have downloaded and completely forgotten about.  And I am looking forward to becoming reacquainted with lots of old favourites. Plus probably some ‘what the hell is this’ stuff too.  Hey, it’ll be fun to lift the lid and dive in.

What’s in store?  We already know about Mozart and Keane. There’ll be all sorts – from Debussy to Duran Duran; Walton to Westlife – you get the picture. Some really classy gems – I’m looking forward to artists like Pink Martini and Gotan Project. And probably some cringey material too.

So, first up is ABBA.  I have the ‘Thank you for the music’ four disc boxed set, released in 1995.  Pretty much everything which ABBA ever recorded. This is a great place to begin because ABBA was the first group I can remember being a fan of as a young girl – you know, posters on the wall, requests to Santa for a White Jump-Suit, letters to Jim’ll Fix It.  And, amazingly enough, my first proper pop concert – taken by my Dad to see them at Wembley in 1979. In a Red Satin Shirt.  Can there have been anything else worth living for?…..


2 thoughts on “LeapingTracks – My quest to liberate my downloads, one track at a time.

    1. Thank you so much for all the reading you have been doing of my blog, Cindy. I really appreciate all your ‘likes’ and comments – it’s what blogging is all about, isn’t it.

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